CardioSecur Active
9.95 € monthly
99.00 € one-off 99.0 EUR

CardioSecur subscription includes:

  • Your high-tech, ultra-lightweight ECG cable

  • The CardioSecur app and all future updates

  • Personalised analysis of your ECG recording including a recommendation to act

  • Continuous support of the data protection compliant medical device platform with your personal user account

  • Continuous and unlimited archival of ECG recordings in your personal user account

  • A continuous connection to your personal physician via the medical platform

  • The ability to always view and export all ECG readings and results in app

  • 144 electrodes (for 36 readings) delivered directly to you every half year

CardioSecur Disposable Electrodes
19.00 € 19.0

The disposable wetgel electrodes constitute the link between your body and CardioSecur Active.

They are of high quality in order to ensure optimal signal quality. 

Disposable electrodes are to be used only once. 

CardioSecur Pro (for Apple iOS only)
9.95 € monthly
199.00 € one-off 199.0 EUR

CardioSecur Pro subscription includes:

  • High-tech, ultra-lightweight ECG cable (50 g)

  • The CardioSecur App and all future updates

  • ECG recording of up to 30 minutes

  • Continuous support of the data protection compliant medical device
    platform with your professional user account

  • Local archival of ECG readings in the app on your iPhone or iPad

  • Allocation of ECGs to each patient and option to insert comments

  • Send ECGs directly from your iPhone or iPad (e.g. Email, iChat, Airdrop)

  • Print ECGs directly from your iPhone or iPad (AirPrint)

  • Option: 22 leads

  • Option: automatic interpretation or measurement via the HES algorithm

  • Option: data transmission to your Hospital Information System (HIS) via GDT connection


CardioSecur Protection Case
14.95 € 14.95

The CardioSecur case is your optimal companion for on the go. 

It offers sufficient space for the CardioSecur ECG cable as well as for disposable electrodes.